Monthly Archives: July 2009

Revolution Soft Go Handheld

Revolution Software have just announced they are entering the pocket gaming market. The first game released, under the “Revolution Pocket” moniker, will be Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered, on the iPhone. As was with the Broken Sword 1 Director’s Cut, the extraordinary Dave Gibbons is back on board, contributing new art to the game.


Demigod Demo Finally Available

Stardock and Gas Powered Games’ strategy/RPG hybrid Demigod was released for the PC earlier this year, but there was no way for gamers to try the game first. This has been rectified, with a 600MB demo available now to download. The demo contains four of the demigods (Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus), and the

Valve Teases the Spitter in Left 4 Dead 1

A while ago, Valve were (more or less) gently accused of nicking the Left 4 Dead 2 “Spitter” infected directly from their own forums. Various affiliations, for and against, were causing people to shoot straight from the hip, emotions ran high and great drama was stirring in the air.

But could it be that this concept

Concept Art From Warren Spector’s ‘Epic Mickey’ Leaked?

Web supersleuth Superannuation has uncovered some images by concept artist Fred Gambino that appear to be for a Wii game called ‘Epic Mickey’. As reported last year by Gamasutra, the title is rumoured to be the code name for the project being worked on by Warren Spector at Disney. Further investigation has surfaced additional images

Yahtzee Game Special Editions Now Free

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, of Chzo Mythos fame (although admittedly now far better known for his ramblicious Zero Punctuation series that Nabeel somehow never fails to tweet for you guys), has decided to release, for free, each and every special donation version of his games. Quoth Yahtzee, “I have simply attained so much money from