Re: Slowdown

If you’ve happened upon some decidedly rough patches on The Slowdown over the course of last few days, our apologies; Those of you that have already been here before have probably noticed how we’ve now largely finalized our complete overhaul of the look and feel of the website. The new theme is (hopefully!) functionally closer to our original plans for the website.

Though my insistence on tailoring ourselves a custom theme instead of opting for an existing one (or trying to find a suitable designer to do our bidding, for that matter) somewhat hampered the overall pace of development and the general produce of new content, we should be getting back into full swing sooner than later!

For those of you that are more technically-minded, we did eventually come to place some great emphasis on browser interoperability: We should in fact display just about correctly whether your web weapon of choice is Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome or IE7/8. Even IE6 will work (though using that monstrosity would hardly be recommended - Nabeel was none too pleased with my willingness to bend over for users of Internet Explorer). If you so desire, you could also take a look at how the website fares with more obscure browsers at Browsershots!

I hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do! If you do bump into anything resembling an annoyance, do let ‘er rip in the comment section. Finally, I’ve also included the latest Wordle-generated word cloud for the website. Quite strange a balance with some words there, huh?



  • Nabeel Burney
    Posted 22/05/2009 at 17:44  (Quote) | Permalink

    I need to stop using the word Interesting.

  • Posted 11/06/2009 at 21:44  (Quote) | Permalink

    My goodness, upgrading WordPress on a live site is terrible, just terrible. It looks like we’ll be without post thumbnails for a while :(

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