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Dear Esther

Note: A review of the Dear Esther 2012 remake can be read right here!

You find yourself standing on a pier, jutting out from a silent shore with only a small house in sight, a rocky mountain looming behind in the mist. You appear to be on an island, deadly quiet and devoid of

Natural Selection 2 Teaser

Unknown Worlds have recently put up a brand new website for the forthcoming Natural Selection 2. The previously Kotaku-exclusive teaser trailer is also viewable on the site as of today. I’ve included the trailer in YouTube format after the jump, but you can find the teaser in glorious 1280×720 on the website.

For an indie game

Return to Rapture This November

A release date for BioShock 2 has been announced: October 30th for international territories and November 3rd for North America. During Take-Two’s second-quarter results call yesterday the platforms were still not confirmed, however community site Cult of Rapture lists the PC, 360 and PS3.

A plethora of previews of the game have been going up online

Blackwell Cartoon Shorts

Wadjet Eye Games, having fiendishly teased its fans for a good while now, have just published their first cartoon short for the Blackwell game series:

This might be completely uncalled for, but the way poor Rosangela is played for comic relief in the first episode feels slightly off-register. Not to complain about free laughs, obviously, but

Modern Warfare 2 Full Trailer

Finally, after teasers and teasers of teasers, we have a full trailer for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2. The 2-minute cinematic montage features a voice-over by Imran Zakhaev, one of the main villains of the first game. A number of different scenes flash by, some of which were previously glimpsed in the earlier snippets like