Monthly Archives: March 2009

Speaking of Bats

One of the games featured at this year’s GDC was Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game was demonstrated on the show floor, and now we get a chance to see proper video footage of actual gameplay. A developer walks us through a “challenge room” attempt, showing the various ways in which you can hunt enemies in

A Vampyre Story 2 Announced

Holy Chiroptera, Batman! A Vampyre Story 2 was officially announced yesterday by Autumn Moon Entertainment, with the subtitle “A Bat’s Tale”. Unsurprisingly, players now control the leading lady’s bat-friend Froderick instead.

The game’s writing team now includes “two ex-LucasArts game designers, Larry Ahren [sic] and Jesse Clark”1; Ahern was last seen working on Insecticide (our review

BioShock 2 Sans Sea of Dreams

BioShock 2 is now subtitle-less. 2K Marin is dropping the Sea of Dreams label for reasons unknown.

In other knews, Community Manager 2KElizabeth confirms that there will be no co-op multiplayer.

Zeno Clash 50% Off Today!

You can pre-purchase Zeno Clash for 50% off at this link – for one day only. The discount lasts until Friday, March 20th 20:00 GMT.

Project leader Andres Bordieu further explains the game’s price point - including the ACE Team’s relationship with dollars and euros - on their official blog. That is all! You can check

Merchants of Brooklyn Patched

Stop press!

This was to be the space for a review of Paleo Entertainment’s new game, Merchants of Brooklyn. In MOB, you play as Matteo, a cybernetically enhanced Neanderthal clone. Suffice to say, Matteo suffers a life-threatening dismemberment in combat but ends up being saved by a scientist who grafts him a new robotic arm to